Post Merger

After the completion of the merger in 1994, Inverness Thistle FC and Caledonian FC, bitter rivals for over a century, became Caledonian Thistle FC then later renamed Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC.

However we may have felt at the time of the merger it is undeniable that the new club has been a terrific far! Indeed it is quite a remarkable achievement that 10 years and 1 day after the Jags played their last ever match, Inverness Caledonian Thistle won the 1st Division title and with it promotion to the Scottish Premier League. How many of us could ever have dreamed of that 10 years ago?


Fans invade the pitch after ICT's 3-1 victory over St Johnstone takes the 1st Division title to Inverness for the first time in history!


Both clubs had their share of 'diehards' who were set against the merger taking place. There are still many folk in Inverness who absolutely refuse to have anything to do with the new club. I must admit it took me a long time to come round to the idea of supporting the new club but eventually I attended my first match and have been a regular to Longman Stadium ever since. I realised that the only person missing out by not attending was ME! By accepting the new club I was able to go and support my local team again, the only difference this time around was that my local team was now playing in the Scottish League, something I'm fairly sure would not have happened had I still been watching the Jags.

Unfortunately there is still an air of Caley bias at the new club. The strip is predominantly blue and the only chant you'll ever hear at the Longman Stadium is "Caley...clap,clap,clap...". Also most people in Inverness still refer to the new team as "Caley" although if anyone does in my company I just 'politely' correct them!

While none of us will ever forget going to watch the Jags on a Saturday afternoon, we now have a full-time senior Scottish League side playing on our own doorstep. Why don't we get behind ICT and support them as best we can while still remembering the past with fondness.