Ode to the Jags

Unfortunately I don't know who the author is !

It's a ground aye steeped in history and sometimes steeped in mud

and the fitba that's been seen there could often stir the blood.

There's been so many exploits, so many glory airs

as the red 'n' black's been worn by some right good Thistle players.



Their rearguard line has stoutly held, 'gainst many an attack so neat,

defenders braw have held their own, from Cove to Telford Street.

McWilliam, Bremner, Milroy and even white-haired Jock

have helped the Jags to hold the line and give them all a shock.



Their midfield's aft been magical, bright patterns that they wove

the accent aye on skill and flair in many a heavy grove.

Lytham, Hendry, Duncan, Christie, not forgetting Ian Cumming

the flicks, the tricks, the cunning pass, to set the nets a-humming.



There's been so many strikers to make opponents rave and rant

Juppy Mitchell, Stephen, Cowie and even Willie Grant.

Flying wingers down the touchline, Tony Fraser and wee Tich,

the Jags attack inventive, could fair make defenders itch.



A century's naught but the merest wink o' the Lord's bright shining een

but our memories glitter fondly, of the boys who played on the green.

As down the decades tumble, auld cheers ring long and loud

For those who played for Thistle and made us all sae proud.



So here's a toast to memories, of happy days and nights,

of cups and wins over those in blue and even lily white.

The lights are dimmed forever, o'er the Dornoch Firth they've gone

but we can mind the epic games on which they brightly shone.



It wasn't always good times, there was fair share of bad

but those who played and those who paid gave everything they had

in the great name of Thistle, for which passion made them try

and in such hearts, bled red and black, the Jags will never die.....