The Fanzine

Here are some excerpts from the Jags fanzine, originally named "Black and Red All Over" then renamed "18 Hours From Rotterdam" because that is how close the Jags came to being in the European Cup Winners Cup Final in 1985 !

The good natured humour inside was mostly aimed at our local rivals Caley and Clach. I've only highlighted some of the less controversial images from the fanzine, there are many more hilarious images that I don't dare show on this site for fear of legal action being taken against me !!!!!

I must also apologise to the editors of the fanzine as I have not had their permission to use their material, however I don't know their names so had no way of getting in touch. If you guys are reading this then I hope you don't mind.......some of your stuff is just too good not to be shown on here !

This is the front cover of the very first issue of the Jags fanzine "Black and Red All Over" produced in the summer of 1990 on a very tight budget!

Issue 2 from August 1990.

Taken from Issue No.2 in August 1990.

Ok so the title may be a bit 'tongue-in-cheek' but this squad could easily have been a Highland League Select. They are from back left;

  • M. Urquhart

  • B. Sanderson

  • B. Wilson

  • M. Andrew

  • J. George

  • J. Calder

  • J. Oliver

  • B. Fraser

  • G. Scott

  • A. Black

  • B. Black

  • R. Fraser

  • D. Milroy

  • A. MacDonald

  • C. Maclean

Double issue 3 & 4 form September/October 1990. 

This is my own personal favourite issue............. possibly due to the "Stone Roses"-esque cover !


This pic was taken from Double Issue Nos. 3 & 4.

It was a feature on the hugely successful Jags team of 1972. They are from back left;

  • Murd Urquhart

  • Roshie Fraser

  • Brian D'Arcy

  • Jed Reilly

  • Ian Cumming

  • Billy Bremner

  • Huisdean Lazenby

  • Alan MacLaren

  • Johnny Cowie

  • Ian Stephen

  • Charlie Duncan

  • Bobby Maclean

Not pictured is Tony Fraser who was also in the team at that time.

From the same issue here are the team autographs from season 1978/79.

Issue 5 from November 1990. The Name of the fanzine changes and the size is reduced to A5.

More musical influence here, this time from "The Smiths", with some of the headings inside being borrowed from song titles.


Issue 6 from December 1990.

Taken from Issue No.6 in December 1990.

The team pictured just after winning the Inverness Cup Final beating Forres Mechanics 2-1 after extra time.

Issue 7 from March 1991. This was the last fanzine produced.